Good Form Clinics

What is it?

A Good Form Clinic features hands-on coaching to teach runners how to use their bodies in the most efficient way possible, helping you run well and prevent injury.
Good Form Running (GFR) focuses on proper mechanics to help runners of all ages and abilities achieve their goals. GFR addresses alignment and proper biomechanics, providing you with ways to make adjustments for improvement.

This workshop includes:
Video taping of your running form.
Explanation and demonstration of key methods to improve your form.
Instruction on techniques to teach your body Good Form.

Good Form Clinics are held on an ongoing basis. We purposefully limit our numbers in these events to give you personalized assessment and coaching. Registration is first-come, first-serve. If an upcoming clinic is full, we will provide a waiting list for the next clinic.
Cost for the clinic is $25.
A Good Form Clinic lasts 1 .5 hours. Wear running clothes and shoes. We won't be doing any distance, but there will be light running and drill work.

Good Form Running Graphic

Since I’m changing my technique, will my muscles be sore?

You may experience some soreness. Chances are you have been under-working some of your key running muscles. However, if the soreness persists past a few runs, you need to reassess your mechanics.

How long does it take to master GFR?
Every individual is unique. If you run every day or if you are naturally in-tune with your body,changes can come within a few days. For some it takes six months, even a year. “Mastering” GFR requires practice, reassessment, and more practice.

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