Yoga for Runners

Yoga is something that all runners should consider implementing into their schedules. A few simple yoga poses, done correctly before and after a run can create lasting and noticeable results in our bodies. Yoga helps lengthen the muscles of the body, reversing muscle tightness caused by running. The body becomes more flexible, stable. The repetitiveness of running causes the muscles to shorten, particularly in the legs. Yoga elongates the muscles, creating better alignment of the muscles and bones, while correcting posture and gait problems. A yoga practice causes us to become more "in tune" with our bodies. A regular yoga practice can make us stronger and more flexible. We can then take the same concepts from the yoga mat out onto the road when we run.

 Classes will challenge you physically, but not as much as a cardio workout so they should be done in conjunction with your training as a therapeutic program, not as an additional or replacement workout. Registrations are limited due to space and enjoyment for all so please make sure to register for the group. We look forward to having you join us!

About Yoga for Runners: This is a 5 week series designed to help you build and grow in flexibility, mental focus and core strength. Space is limited due to space and enjoyment for all. Registration is required and cost for the series is $55.* No experience is necessary!
What to bring to a Yoga class:
Yoga mat and a towel! Wear comfortable clothing you can move in and bring a long sleeve shirt for warmth for rest poses after our dynamic practice. You may want to bring a towel for perspiration and to use as a prop.

*Current members of a training program are eligible for a discount.

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