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Fall Half Marathon training

Ok! Its time to lace up!  Our 8 week training program for our Fall Half Marathon training program begins August 11, 2019. Whether its your first race or your 100th, we will be there for you every step of the way to help  you get to the not only the starting line, but the finish li…

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Mt. Shasta Tinman and Duathlon

Race Description The Mount Shasta Tinman Triathlon and Duathlon is an icon for the Northstate which has been a major fundraiser for Dunsmuir Rotary Club, and one of the most enjoyable triathlons in Northern California for decades. Returning for years to come, the Tinman is now on a missi…

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Local Events

7/13/19 Top of the State- Weed, Ca. 10k/2M 7/30/19 Sunset Through the Tree Series- Lake Redding Park- 4.3 and 2 mile runs 8/6/19- Sunset Through the Trees-Clover Creek Preserve- 4 and 2.4 mile runs 8/13/19- Sunset Through the Trees- LEMA Ranch- 4 and 2.5 mile runs 8/20/19- Sunset Through…

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The Top 10 Nutrition Myths

Top Ten Nutrition Myths Jill Weisenberger, M.S., R.D., C.D.E.Her Sports + Fitness Your colleague at the office fills her gallon jug with fresh water every morning, forcing herself to finish it by day's end. Your gym buddy's been loading up on chicken and turkey to build muscle. And your si…

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Why We Don't Use a Foot Scanner

Written by: Stephanie Blozey, Fleet Feet Sports West Hartford, CT Many people wonder why we don't use a "foot scanner" that you can step on to determine what shoe or insole is right for you. These computerized scanners, which are being installed in drug stores and superstores, show your foo…

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