The proper accessories should make your run easier, not weigh you down.

Being prepared for a run means more than lacing your shoes or making sure you know your route. With the right nutrition,  adequate hydration, and excellent equipment, you can go farther and get more out of your run than you ever imagined!


What's in Your Toolbox?

There are essentials that keep every runner healthy and having fun. Make sure your toolbox includes some aspect of the following:

Massage and Recovery:
Maintain elastic muscles and prevent injuries. We carry a variety of massage tools from The Stick, Addaday, Trigger Point and Foot Rubz
Need compression? Check out CEP and Lili Trotters compression socks and sleeves. For help with plantar fasciitis, try a compression wrap from OS1st or the Strassburg Sock. We also stock kinesthetic tape from Rocktape in a variety of colors.


If you're going the distance, energy gels and chews can make a big difference! We stock gels and liquid nutrition from Gu to Trailwind. Or, if you prefer chews, try Shot Blocks, Honey Stinger Chews, or GU Chews and Stroopwafel We also have the Tailwind recover mix for after that workout.


Carrying water is a must, especially in the summer! We make hydration easy with hand held bottles, belts, and hydration packs from Fitly, Fuel Belt, Nathan, and Amphipod. Water isn't all you need to refuel though. Nuuns and electrolyte tabs from GU Roctane capsules help you replenish the calcium, magnesium and sodium lost through perspiration.


Keep track of your progress with accurate GPS watches that track distance, pace, calories, and more. We carry a wide range of Garmin products including heart rate monitors, the  ForeRunner series 35, 235, and Fenix . We also have training journals to help you stay on track!

Comfort and Safety:
Don't forget Body Glide, your Superfeet or Montrail inserts, sunscreen, and your RoadID. We carry iPod and smartphone armbands as well as headphones by Nathan designed specifically for working out. Stay safe and light your way with Petzl and Black Diamond headlamps, as well as reflective gear. Running alone? Make sure to bring some pepper spray.


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